Here is an Importance notice to all

Dave Chong Sin Ong

Mr David Chong Sin Ong is an outstanding debtor of CPS Securities and he owes CPS Securities in excess of $12,000. David Chong Sin was erroneously sent funds by a direct credit and then bounced his direct debit resulting in funds ending up in his account that did not belong to him.  Even then he was made to repay the debts to Cps Securities, he is trying to play mischief and escaping from paying the Debts.  He admitted the debt but claims he has no funds. Currently he has left Australia and his location is not known.  Due to not available in Australia he is claiming that CPS Securities cannot trace  and can not make him to pay the debt.

 CPS Securities will be seeking a judgment under the Bankruptcy Act or the Bankruptcy Regulations to have him made a bankrupt.  I strongly advise all people dealing with him to be aware of David Chong Sin Ong and his Character.